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I have been writing and studying story structure for 20 years, and every time in every methodology I can see the STC plot points. Studying Jessica Brody's STC Writes a Novel is great! I find it easier to write novels and short stories using the STC method.

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Me too! I found the first book by Blake Snyder while in the midst of an overwhelm... trying desperately to arrange the plot points in my first novel without even knowing what a plot point was. Invaluable.

I've been reading tons of story and novel writing books for about ten years now. Yep, everything fits. They may call it something different, or make it more complicated than it needs to be, but it all fits. 

I think the only place I've ever gotten more from is James Scott Bell's "Writing From the Middl." But it's all still the same plot points.  :-)

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The Beat Sheet is definitely helpful. I remember studying many books on writing as I developed ideas, and in one of my earlier novels, Paradox, I knew something was missing. After reading Save the Cat!, I created a board with all the beats, and I realized that I was missing the Bad Guys Close In section! I set about revising and planning more, and completed it. The great thing is that many of the readers say that the Bad Guys Close In section was some of their favorite plot moments!


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