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An issue with a character in my story

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I'm having a creativity block!

The major character of my story (named Vic) goes through a major transformation from the beginning to the end of the book. He has a conscience type character named Yudi to help him (a little like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio). Yudi is pretty wise and is from a planet named Arête, and other beings from Arête are also helping some humans become better people. Many of the humans that are helped become some of the most influential people on Earth - scientists, doctors, speakers, authors, etc.

Yudi can communicate telepathically with his fellow Arêtarians and can access the scientific research papers, books with evidence backed methods, videos from the speakers and coaches who have helped millions of people with issues they were facing and so on.

Vic routinely acts rashly, rarely thinking before he acts, and Yudi is trying to cure him of this. Yudi can slow/freeze time and so sometimes when Vic is about to do something he'll later regret, Yudi freezes the moment... - It's at that point that I want Yudi to be able to access some of that wisdom from the research papers, books, videos to show to Vic to help influence him of a better approach than of his default behaviour he was about to take, but I haven't yet thought of a good way of putting that across.

I've had some cheesy ideas such as:
At the moment that Yudi freezes the scene, he then flashes a quote from a book or YouTube clip onto Vics phone and he's able to read/watch it while time is animated.

But I'm sure there's a better way of doing this and at present it's not coming to me.

I'd welcome any suggestions you might have of doing this in an interesting/creative way.

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Interesting idea! I am not sure how many times Vic will need to have time frozen, but if it's only a few different times in the story, it might be impactful for Yudi to "transport" Vic's consciousness into a past individual or something. If you've seen the show Quantum Leap, the main character, Sam, leaps into the bodies of other people and "walks in their shoes" and rights the wrongs they suffered. In your case, Yudi can have Vic enter the life of another and experience things, seeing what a mistake might do to another, or something similar to that. Good luck!


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