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Software Secrets, Tips and Tactics

Congratulations X 2 

Congrats to our development partner extraordinaire, Bob McFarlane, on yesterday’s release of the Save the Cat!® iPhone/iPod Touch app. Now you can carry your screenplay ideas with you wherever you go — and be ready whenever inspiration strikes. Plus you can upload/download with your desktop…


Bob McFarlane’s Puzzling New iPhone App 

Our software development partner, Bob McFarlane — in addition to coming up with the Save the Cat!® iPhone app (available soon) — has introduced his Pics Puzzler app. Bob writes: “Don’t just send photos from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Turn them into puzzles first….

Success Stories

Mike and Diane 

Received this email from writer Michael Buchanan: “Just a quick note to say thanks for writing your Save the Cat! books. They proved invaluable in my screenwriting efforts. My co-author and I were asked by the president of an Atlanta movie production company to write…

Success Stories

Another Sale for Robert Henny 

We’ve recently received this email from screenwriter Robert Henny: One day, while surfing for answers on how best to approach story structure, which speaks volumes about the library of books I already owned on the subject, I stumbled across Save the Cat! I soon found…


More Software for the Biz 

The one and only Bob McFarlane, the developer behind our fantastic Save the Cat! software, has recently released the only comprehensive software package for digital script supervision and continuity management. ScriptE, which Bob developed with veteran script supervisor Anthony Pettine, is receiving rave reviews from…