News comes this week that Save the Cat! continues to be the #1 bestselling book in my publisher’s catalog. Michael Wiese Productions has been publishing the very best books on the film and tv business for over 20 years, and I am so proud to be associated with him. He and Ken Lee, who runs things from Seattle while Michael gets a European-eye view from his home in Cornwall, England, have been instrumental in starting a wave of great books on the subject that I am pleased to be alongside. These include such classics as Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler, Myth and the Movies by Stuart Voytilla, and coming soon, my good buddy Sheldon Bull’s book on how to write killer comedy in the sit-com world: Elephant Bucks, which I recommend big time.

And just wait for Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies which… ta-da… is officially finished, and scheduled hit the bookstores in October!

And that’s not all!

We are also getting noticed out there in other parts of the world. This blog was quoted by CBS online ( and my interview on National Public Radio can be heard on their Oscars discussions in the next few days. Yup. Cat! is out there.

So, I am getting on a plane bound for New York City tomorrow at 4:30 am to bring da Cat! to the Apple. Can’t wait! Talk to you all soon! And please keep in touch with me on your projects; I am happy to help if I can. Just because we’re #1 doesn’t mean we don’t try harder.

We do!