I feel a little like Waldo. I can certainly turn up anywhere, and I am damn glad to be seen!

I am back in Chicago just this minute. I am in town to do some very interesting consulting work in advertising and marketing. Can’t say more, only that the study of storytelling is taking me to some amazing new places, and like the guy with the striped knit hat and glasses, I don’t know where I will be appearing next.

In May I am going to London, UK, then Maine in June with stops in N.Y.C. and L.A. I have had several requests for an L.A. structure workshop, and yes, we will be doing that. (So please contact Barbara or BJ if you want to attend. It’s a limited number.)

But the most fun I am having is working on several new projects, a radio show, the new book (Save The Cat! Goes To The Movies) and even an excellent new TV concept.

And coming soon, I will be having a movie sale announcement that I am very keen to tell you about. Yes, it works, ladies and gentlemen. It really does.

Thank you also to those who contributed to my latest project for screenwriters who live outside L.A. and want to get access to those who can help forward their careers. The fabulous Sarah Beach offered some great suggestions, and went out of her way to do so, as did Sheldon Bull, Tracey Jackson, Mary Schirmer, Sam Quo Vadis, and Jamie Nash, the latter three of Screenplayers fame — and all just terrific folks.

We are a great community here, helping each other, and doing our utmost to stay on the beam. I am proud of us! We’re a good bunch!

And I will be seeing you all soon… just look for the trail of Pellegrino bottles.