Results. That’s what we’re after.

We’ve had a lot of success stories from writers who subscribe to the Cat! method. And even the anecdotal evidence that our numbers are growing is remarkable! We are the under-cat, the little cat that could, the quiet, patient hunter stalking our goal on padded feet until we are ready to pounce!

And we’re having fun to boot.

I got a missive last night from one of our L.A. Cat! group members who was recovering nicely from the notes session Sunday after his fellow group members took apart his script. Having read that script , and given this writer notes myself (I am now writing Cat! 3, which will have a chapter on how to hear notes better) I can safely tell this writer that he’s got a good one there. Don’t give up!

I also got an email over the weekend from a writer in Florida who tells me he gave Save the Cat! to a pal who teaches third grade. The pal loved the book and enthusiastically explained what “save the cat” is to the third graders, who promptly began giving examples they had seen in the movies.

And then of course there is the movie star I overheard last week in the lobby of a Beverly Hills hotel explaining, and quite brilliantly I might add, the concept of “Monster in the House” to what looked like his agent. The star then walked out smiling with a copy of Cat! under his arm, before I could go after him and get him to sign an autograph. Believe it or not, it marked the first time I had ever seen anyone in public with the book. What a great first sighting!

The point is, we’re not just making sales, getting agents, getting into film schools, and placing higher in key screenwriting contests, we are using a method that works and applying it successfully.

We are doing it.

Just the fact that we have a Cat! group here in L.A. and elsewhere that gives writers a place where they can get their script vetted is huge to me. And the groups are growing every day. (Look for our report on the Seattle Cats soon; I couldn’t be more proud of their efforts.)

But in order to do my job better, I’d like to hear what’s stopping you from doing yours? Is it not having the right idea, not executing the story in a way that satisfies, lack of agent or manager, or is it the general problem of “the business” — the red tape that stops you from coming out of your fortress of solitidue and connecting with someone who can help make your dreams come true.

Now’s your chance.

The comments section beckons you to tell all of us the key stumbling blocks that are in the way of these positive affirmations you have posted on your work room wall:

I have sold my script to a major studio for six figures!

It is going into production and is destined to be a hit!!

I am a successful screenwriter at last!!!!

It feels great!!!!

Discipline. Focus. Positive Energy. That’s all it takes.

And a little help from your Cat!