I will be leaving the confines of Beverly Hills (swimmin’ pools, movie stars) and will be in London, UK from May 3 through May 15. If I don’t return emails as promptly as usual in the next ten days, that’s why. And it’s a great opportunity to take the Cat! international, baby! I will be doing a week-long seminar at Michael Wiese’s film fest in Cornwall and a book signing and talk with the London Script Consultancy in London on the 13th. Please check the links to each on this site. Really looking forward to these great events. Hope to see you all there!

Meantime, I want to salute those in Chicago who made my last trip such a great finale to several weeks of very productive screenwriting sessions, with special thanks to: Linda and Dirk, Mary, Michelle, Merry Carol, Jonathan, Ed, Christina, Marilyn, Richie, Christie, Sean, Kay, Jenkins, Laura, Sonny, Kelly, Cal and Nancy! You all are the best. And if some of your scripts in progress are any indication, a lot of great writing is in the works.

If anyone has a question about anything in my absence, please contact BJ Markel at [email protected] — and someone please pick up my mail, and make sure I turned off the coffee maker. Thanks!