I had such a fabulous time in England!

And though I never really adjusted to the time change on this trip, and may have been in another zone a few moments during my presentations, everyone seemed to be glad I came.

First stop, Adam Street Club in London for an event on Friday, featuring specialty drinks concocted for the evening containing vodka and lime dubbed “The Terminator” (followed the next morning, one assumes, by the bicarbonate hangover cure called “Tremors”). Hosted by Suzy Greaves, we drew a crowd of 70+ and were even noticed by Time Out London magazine! Yes, I can now die a happy man! I showed some clips from Hollywood movies, and talked about the huge changes going on in the film business. We will be posting photos of the event shortly, but again my thanks to Suzy, Colin of London Script Consultancy, and all my new friends, including Teresa and Rachel.

Then by train south to Penzance. Invited by my publisher (a command performance) Michael Wiese, my directing buddy Mark Travis and I did back-to-back seminars to a packed house — and what a blast! I absolutely loved this group! And I particularly love the skeptics in all the crowds I speak to! These are the folks who decry my method at first as that of “hacks” and “Hollywood” but who, after I have a chance to explain why my 15 beats in the BS2 are in EVERY story, throughout time, in big studio films and Indies too, suddenly become my most vocal supporters. Yes! as one wonderful listener told me after testing my beat sheet on a favorite foreign movie, even Pedro Almovadar and Frederico Fellini use Blake’s beat sheet! My upcoming book, Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies, breaks down 50 films acclaimed by both critics and fans; it will show how and why the 15 beats create a story that resonates — no matter the genre, budget, or stars.

I plan to go back to the UK for a full-on tour in 2007. I hope to see all my friends and converts to the Cat! way of life again.

Now we are prepping for the Screenwriting Expo next week in LA, where I have two talks planned: One Friday afternoon at 4 pm at the Marriot is titled “The Cat! Does Comedy”; the other at 8 am Sunday is called “The Cat! Does Scary” (Are we branding this Cat! thing too much? Note to self: Ask Robert McKee about this…)

Love to you all! The writers I meet are so supportive and amazing, I am continually grateful for being able to meet you!