I just wanted to send out a special note of gratitude to everyone who’s touched my life.

How’s that for a sweeping statement on a Wednesday morning!?

But it’s really something I must say!

So often we are concerned with “getting ours” that we don’t realize how much we already gots.

And the most special gift I have received is the friendship, love and support of my friends, familiy and fellow writers I have met in the past few years, and all the people who’ve been my friend since we first said “Hi!”

This means you.

We don’t often get a chance to thank those who contribute so much to our lives in small and big ways and made our lives what we are.

You have made mine.

Our friendship is what this life is about. We are all of us muddling along, trying our best, moving ahead despite getting distracted by the victories that swell our heads and the defeats that leave us shivering in the dark at 3 a.m. We get so caught up in brushing the burs off our clothes that we don’t realize we are standing in the middle of a bright field of flowers.

And we often miss the point.

It’s about helping each other, and being there for each other, and lending our experience, our strength and our hope to each other until we can march on.

And you do that for me.

So THANK YOU! for all you do to make my life a gift.

Thank you for the wit, wisdom, and joy you’ve lent me when I needed it most.

Thank you for being AMAZINGLY special in the most AMAZINGLY simple ways!!

Today, as Gary Cooper said in Pride of the Yankees, I feel like I’m the luckiest man-man-man on the face of the Earth-Earth-Earth…

p.s. And Happy Birthday to you too, Sputnik!

Ps 18:19