Spec Sale Fever (aka Cat! Scratched Flu) n. 1. The irrepresible urge of Hollywood movie studios to buy screenplays written on “spec” by screenwriters who may or may not have sold anything before. 2. A gold rush of the three-hold punch kind. 3. A time during which the term “3 against 5” means someone with Liquid Paper stains on their shirtfront, and a good luck coffee cup, received $300,000 for 110 pages of script with $200,000 more if the studio makes the movie. 4. Joy in Mudville.

As predicted in this blog, this spring marked a return to favor of, and marked increase in, the spec sale. Check the recent sales as reported in Variety, or over at filmtracker.com to see if I’m right. The spec is back — and shows no sign of letting up.

This is good news, not only for screenwriters — but moviegoers. Seems the based-on, the re-do and the remake are fading, and original ideas are wanted again. And btw Thank you! Truth is, Hollywood would do well to tout the fact they are turning back to “the people” out there with an iMac and a dream. About time!

Now I want you to sell your script. It is the whole dang raison d’etre of the Save The Cat! method and what separates us from other screenwriting guri — and all you have to do is follow the steps outlined in the book: 1. Come up with a great movie idea with a great title and “poster” and, just to make sure it is, pitch the idea until everyone you tell it to says: Write it! 2. Make sure your logline meets with the four rules of what makes for a great premise. 3. Beat that puppy out, making sure the >< and +/- demands are met (see Chapter 5). 4. Write your masterwork and make sure your i’s are dotted by using the “Is It Broken? Test.” 5. Get ready for a fall avalanche.

And if I can be of help to you, do not hesitate to ask. Let’s get in there and participate; let’s make movies fun and original again!

The spec is back. Let’s sell yours.

P.S. On an entirely different note, a very talented screenwriting student of mine from Chapman University is also a very talented musician. Check out Alex Hallet’s website (www.alexipharmic.net/index.html) and take note please of his attitude of giving back. Alex is on tour with his new CD, “Run,” with 100% of the proceeds going to www.savedarfur.org. This is a great guy who deserves our support. I hope you will spread the word.