We had a big meeting of Blake Snyder Seminars last night to plan out my appearances for the rest of the year. We have a couple of important announcements next week, but we are very excited about all the stuff that’s happening. 2007 is an even bigger year for us than 2006.

As I’ve written about here before, the demand for our workshops is overwhelming. In the 2-Day Beat Sheet Workshop we actually take your movies ideas, pick the best one, and polish the logline to bring out its greatest strength. We then take that idea and work out a 15-beat outline according to the BS2. And it is a truly amazing experience. It’s magic really! And the feedback and input you get from other writers in the room is an incredibly creative experience.

We have now officially added Austin, Toronto, and Barcelona to our list of stops this year.

And coming up in just a few weeks, we will be in San Francisco.

The dates for the SF weekend are April 14 and 15. And I hope to come in a day early to meet with a few of you in private sessions. I can’t wait.

We also have some news soon about the latest product from STC! — the portable board! This is the presentation board to be used with the software to make the clearest look at your movie idea, all laid out nice and neat with the 40 completed scene cards. Popular demand for this product has made us speed up production of it, and it should be available soon.

So much happening! All thanks to you guys.