Blake at his favorite book signing.
Blake at his favorite book signing

Two years. We miss you, Blake. Your words — and your life — remain an inspiration.

From Blake’s first blog – December 9, 2005:
By helping you win, I win too. We all do. And that is the only way to become not only a better writer, but to make the world a better place.

From his blog of August 2, 2007:
We transform every day, re-awaken to new concepts about the world around us, overcome conflict, and triumph over death… only to start again each morning. It’s why stories that follow this pattern resonate. Because each day is a transformation machine, and so are our lives.

From his blog of December 3, 2007:
We aren’t about “formula,” we are about essence! And the search for the subterranean meaning of why stories work never ends.

From his blog of April 24, 2008:
As we look out on the landscape, the more specific we can be, the better. When we target our careers and our scripts, we see a vision that becomes the truth, so it’s important to pick well. And dream big.

From his blog  of June 19, 2008:
Failure is not an option for us. We are here to succeed. We are here to get closer to our goals by becoming better in the face of a “no.”  And that alone is a “yes” I can proudly claim every hour of every day!

From his blog of June 23, 2008:
Story is a puzzle. And getting all the pieces to fit just right… is the point of the job.

From his blog of February 9, 2009:
The discipline of clearly stating what your movie is about will make the writing of that story that much better.

From his blog of May 7, 2009:
Words have power. We know better than anyone. Let’s make sure our words are well chosen.

From his blog of July 13, 2009:
And I am reminded again of some other very important qualities: how ego must be checked at the door, how positivity must be embraced, and how “never give up” must be our motto and the life blood coursing through our veins.

From Blake’s last blog – August 3, 2009:
The most important thing to do is to love what you’re doing. That way, getting better at it isn’t a struggle, it’s a pleasure.