Just a quick note to say I will be “on the road” heading up to Seattle this afternoon.

Can’t wait!

I will be interviewed by the good folks at Amazon on Friday at noon and will be meeting with many of the writers from the NW Screenwriters this weekend for our workshop.

As you know, I LOVE the workshop. This for me is the most fun that can be experienced by human beings. The concept that a dozen of us can gather together and, starting with the germ of an idea for a movie in many cases, turn it into a logline and beat it into a 15 point structure for a screenplay is the best puzzle-solving adventure ever.

It is one of those experiences, for me anyway, where I lose track of time completely. I look up at the clock and hours have gone by. It is the “flow” experience of being involved in a communual hum of brain power that is just remarkable!

Hard work. Yes. Soul searching. Absolutely! But it is the true test of our ability as writers to play with, mold, and expand our way of thinking.

Fortunately the people who are drawn to STC! are the most positive, creative, and adventurous folk out there. The difference between those who are drawn to us and those who turn away saying “I know better” is our attitude. And we have the attitude of winners. We dare to embrace the new, change our old way of thinking, give up pet notions, the “darlings” and cliches, and head running for the light!

I will be announcing in a few days, yet another STC! alum who has made a million dollar deal on a screenplay.

This stuff works.

The success stories are starting to increase geometrically. Our reputation for winning builds.

See you in Seattle. I’m bringing my sweater. It’s raining up there in the lush NW. And I love the rain!!