Do I have everything?

Pajamas. Extra sweater. Copy of Save the Cat!


I am off to the UK for a week starting Wednesday. If my usual instant response to your emails isn’t up to standard, this may be why. I will be checking in with you via the Internet Cafe near Paddington Station in London where I will be giving a two-hour, sold-out presentation this Friday October 6. Then I will be connecting to you all via any helpful person with a laptop in Penzance where I will be conducting a two-day, sold-out extravaganza for the Cornwall Film Council. So please excuse me if I don’t answer back right away. I want to. And I will asap.

I can’t wait to see all my friends again in England who have made me feel so welcome — not once but twice! Thank you!

And I am really excited to talk about all the things I am learning of late about screenwriting and storytelling.

I must say that I am having out-of-body experiences when discussing these subjects of late; my sessions over at Disney Animation these past few weeks, and my one-day talk this last weekend in Phoenix have found me in a perfect state of happiness as I roll out the act breaks and story structure hinge points in the movies we love. I am supported by the most amazing writers who meet with me in these classes — such wonderful minds! It makes it easy for me to slip into channeling mode. There was a moment this weekend for instance while talking about a movie called The Black Stallion, a simple, “boy and his dog” fable, that I felt connected to… everything.

Finding your bliss is how Joseph Campbell describes it, “realizing your Personal Legend” is what Paulo Coelho says in a wonderful book called The Alchemist — and I have found my place talking and thinking about story. And I appreciate those who indulge me on this and allow me to express myself in this way. Please excuse me while my feet leave the ground. I’ll be back in a minute!

We tell stories because we must, because we are little tuning forks divining wisdom from beyond. It’s the same tales, told again and again over centuries, but we like and need to hear them, and there’s a very good reason: because they let us know that when we get up every morning it’s worth it. And it is.

So off I go. See you in Blighty. And I hope to share with you all the stuff I learn when I get back. And look for us later this month at Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles with a special announcement about some new developments here in Cat!opolis. There is so much success available for us all, and it is coming to you very soon.

Keep at it. Don’t stop.