Blake the Pigeon from Walt Disney Pictures' "Bolt"
Blake the Pigeon from Walt Disney Pictures’ “Bolt”

Why is this pigeon smiling?

Perhaps it’s because according to my friends at Disney I had a character in Bolt named after me. Rumor or not, true or not, I’ll go with it. Blake, the screenwriting pigeon, ready to pitch the title character movie ideas. Sounds about right.

One thing that’s definitely not a rumor… it’s been a fantastic year! We’ve had an amazingly successful string of workshops all over the world — including Beijing, China. Our books are now selling worldwide and as part of many school curriculums, and our software continues to break sales records month after month.

We’ve also seen great success from those who’ve read Save the Cat! or taken a workshop. Our News pages have been filled with success stories all year. And just this past weekend, our buddies who wrote Four Christmases watched their film cross the $100 million mark in domestic box office, certifying its hit status.

It’s been a great year, but believe it or not, next year will be even better.

2009 is your year to shine. 2009 has every indication of being the most dynamic, most opportunity-filled, most exciting of your career. It will be your best year ever and we will be with you, helping you succeed.

We look forward to many new products and services coming from Save the Cat!  I will be writing and producing more of my own scripts and other projects, including the release of the third, and best, Cat! book yet: Save the Cat! Strikes Back, plus Save the Cat! 3.0 software with lots of new bells and whistles.

We will be introducing service for studios and production companies — all over the world — and applying the techniques of Save the Cat! to help clarify your message and your story, and elevate and empower all those with a story to tell — in and out of Hollywood. And in addition to appearances at Great American Pitchfest, this year I will be speaking to writers — and others — in Latin America, Canada, and Asia.

Thank you all for the great year! Without you, none of what we have accomplished would have been possible — or nearly as fun. Your enthusiasm, creativity, ability to generously give to others and always look at the world as a “glass half full” continues to inspire. And if you thought what we have accomplished together so far is amazing, we look forward to really showing off in 2009! Happy holidays to all and a very Happy New Year!