I will be in Denver this weekend to present my fantabulous screenwriting seminar AKA Everything You Wanted To Know About The Movie Business And Were Afraid Was True.

It will be held at the Raddisson this Saturday 9-5 and for information about how to sign up, please contact B.J. Markel at 877-525-5083 (Toll Free). As always I am hoping to find screenwriters who want to sell their scripts. Of all the screenwriting guru-atti I know about, I am the only one who is actively looking for that next Shane Black or Callie Khouri. I want to find the writer who is burning to tell his or her story — and who thinks Hollywood does not care. I’m here to tell you that they do — and I certainly do. I want to see some good movies at the cineplex. They’re such nice buildings, it would be a shame to have to tear them all down from lack of use.

Let’s put on a show!

While I am in Denver I will also be recording a radio pilot with co-creator Gil Whiteley of KNUS 710 AM in Denver. It is one of several radio projects Gil and I will be producing and co-hosting. I am very excited about these and will keep you updated on when and where they will be airing in the weeks and months to come.

Meantime, let’s keep writing. Here is a link to Patricia Burroughs site to show her progress (fast too!) thanks to her using the principles of Da Cat! Thanks for this inspiring update, P!