From time to time on this site, I want to offer you the opportunity to discuss that most important of screenwriting issues — YOUR screenplay.

In my book, Save the Cat!, I make it clear that pitching your gold-dust movie notion to strangers with no vested interest in your writing careeer is THE best way to find out if what you have is gold — or just dust. And since “Concept Is King,” and the hook is vital for getting all of us interested — agent, producer, studio, AND ticketbuyer — what better way to find out what you’ve got is really “the one” than by just… spitting it out!

I get pitched all the time, and I am THRILLED! I love to hear your ideas, and I try my best to give you the most helpful feedback I can. But very often I say: Gee, I wonder what other writers would think of this?

Well, now’s your chance. In the future I want to discuss the nuances of how to sell animated films, horror, and rom-com — each, to me, with its own unique route to sales success. Today, let’s hear from those of you with a drama on your plate. Small budget or large, historic epic or two-person play, if it’s heavy, highly charged, and thought-provoking, this is your chance.

So here are the rules:

1. Title and Logline only please! We’re talking two, three, four sentences max.

2. If a screenplay, please indicate. If a work in progress, let us know if you want feedback.

3. Please post with your email address and name. No anonymous pitches, si vous plait.

TIP: In writing your logline, I hope you will follow the rules laid out in the first chapter of STC! These include the four basics of what every successful logline contains. If you haven’t put your idea into this handy and educational form, this exercise alone may be the best thing you do all day to push your screenplay forward. It helps! It really does.

I look forward to hearing from you and will post all your pitches posted at the COMMENTS button below — as well as the reaction to these — as fast as my webmaster’s flying fingers will allow.