Just got back from a busy-busy few days attending this year’s Screenwriter’s Expo 7 and all I can say is: wow! This year’s Expo was magnificently produced. Kudos to everyone at Creative Screenwriting Magazine who put this show together, with special thanks to the technical assistance of Ann and Debbie who provided me with answers to every question I had – and fast!

I had three SOLD OUTs and by that I mean packed-to-the-gunnels talks: two on Friday, one on Saturday. And I have to say the Cat! fans who made these the most welcoming audiences I have yet spoken to are the sharpest, smartest, and most personally attractive in their optimistic and positive demeanor. Our three groups were there at Expo to win! To take the daring step of learning new skills, stepping out of their comfort zone, and embracing the healthiest ways to get ahead in their careers! Our audiences were filled with positive energy, laughter, and giving back! So many times I heard those versed in the Cat! helping other writers with tips on who to pitch to, and advice for how to tailor a story to make it better. We help each other, and to paraphrase Cuba Gooding in Jerry Maguire: I DIG that about you guys!

I also had a wonderful interaction with all my friends from Arizona, represented by the brilliant and talented Howard Allen, the guru of all screenwriting gurus! Also my good friends from Chicago, Merry Carol, Glenn, Linda, and Christie, who are AWESOME! And many others who have been there with me from the beginning, and to whom I owe much. I am so grateful to have so many friends in my life!

As to the special speakers we heard, there were so many good reports: the talk given by Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski, two of my favorite writers of films like Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flynt, and maybe my fave (seriously) Problem Child! Along with my other two writer heroes, Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot, coming off their latest success with Pirates of the Carribbean 3. We also heard that Seth Rogan’s talk about his two hit films Knocked Up and Superbad was killer primarily due to the echoing of much of what I love to talk about: the importance of emotional meaning in films even when they are wild, R-Rated comedies.

All in all a fantastic time was had by all.

Stay tuned as this is the last blog that will be seen in this old format; new website is up in two days.

Prepare to be DAZZLED!!!!

P.S. I am winging my way to NYC this Thursday. I have my one and only New York City book signing Friday November 2 at 6 pm at The Drama Book Shop 250 W. 40th Street. Call 212-944-0595 for further information. ALSO Wednesday night starting at 9:30 PM E.S.T I will be on the radio so tune in at the web address below and call in with questions!