We are a band of writers, creators, innovators, seekers, and gurus.

We span the globe from China, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, South Africa, and France to Germany, Poland, Italy,  Spain, the US, India, and the UK.

The power of what we offer is awesome. We are storytellers and poets, filmmakers and advertising whiz kids, marketing geni, romance writers, horror afficianados, action junkies, hardcore dramatists, and musicians.

You harness this energy and we can save your cineplex,  sell your innovative car that is only an idea on a drawing board,  write a better resume. We can frame the argument in a way that grabs you, and make you cry or laugh or think… at will.

We are working in your basement, at the next table in your corner coffee shop, in the bus going down your street, early in the morning,  on a break at lunch, and late at night while everyone else is sleeping.

We are armed and ready with the most dangerous weapon on this earth: the truth. And we are forging new ideas right now in the orange-hot furnace of our imaginations, pounding on the iron to sharpen the edges, ignoring the heat in favor of the light, and the sparks, and the danger of creating something a little scary.

It’s easy. And it’s hard. And it’s beautiful. And it’s hard. And it’s lovely. And it’s breathtaking. And it’s hard.

And we love it.

We love it because you can not take it away from us. Because it’s ours, our way, at least for now.

And we are learning more every day, and chalking up experience, and insight, and talent, and tips for what works and what doesn’t, and even a bad day is a great day, because no matter what happens to what we make, if we just push our knowledge forward one little bit, we retain the wisdom of what we have learned.

And any minute we will walk up to you smiling, and plop down the clipping of our latest triumph, or deliver the pages that are now suddenly bound between two covers, or hand you a ticket for the show we made.

We will show you our cards that we’ve been holding all along, and let you know why we were smiling.

Because we have been building something all along, a monument that cannot be torn down.

And it is as glorious as glorious gets and we’re just doing our job… the one we were meant to do.

We are unherd-able and yet we are everywhere!