There is a lot going on here at Save the Cat! We are planning our trips to Barcelona, San Francisco, and Nashville and readying “the portable board” for sale. We also have some personnel changes.

We are sad to see Isabel Holtreman leave us! I know! For those of you who have interacted with Isabel you know what a joyful, funny, and helpful person she is. She is also a fantastic writer and now has decided to turn her attentions to her own writing career. We will miss Is very much and wish her luck in her endeavors.

Replacing Isabel as our Marketing Director is Rich Kaplan. Rich is also a writer. His TV career included being on the staff of “Roseanne” and many other series. He is not only hilariously funny, entertaining, and a great guy, but shares with all of us the desire to help you with succeeding at the business of writing for TV and film. Rich will be taking over for Isabel starting this week and can be reached at [email protected] — and if we need any advice on the TV writing world, we now have an in-house expert!

As I finish up the ediiting of the sequel to Cat! — which I am so excited about — we also have a new aspect of the Cat! seminars. To date, we have designed great workshops and seminars for writers, but starting April 30, we will also be offering an event for development executives and readers.

“Save the Cat! for Script Readers” is designed for busy assistants, readers, and development executives in the Los Angeles area. We will have our first meeting Monday night, April 30, from 7-10 pm in Westwood (at the offices of Stephanie Palmer’s Good in a Room) and will be discussing all aspects of how to be a better script analyst. These include:

–Top Ten Mistakes found in any script and how to fix them
— Structure! and how to find it using the BS2
— Coming up with the killer script saves
— The Immutable Laws of Screenplay Physics

If you are a reader working for a production company or agency, if you are an assistant who would like a crash course in how to read a script, or if you know someone who is, please contact Naomi Beaty at [email protected]. Naomi is a former development executive and will be organizing this event — we hope it will be the first of many. She’ll give you all the details when you contact her, and looks forward to answering your questions.

Wow. A lot going on. Do we ever get any sleep around here — no, we do not! But that’s what happens when you are doing work you love!