First off, let me thank everyone at Screenwriting Expo for the fantastic job this past weekend.  My speech, “Supercharged,” was just that! A packed-to-capacity crowd was on hand to hear a little bit about my third book in progress, Save the Cat! Strikes Back, including a preview of its final chapter, “Discipline. Focus. And Positive Energy,” which details my turning point as a screenwriter.  I was so pleased with the results of my talk, and even got more ideas to include in the book thanks to your feedback. Mostly it was just great to see so many screenwriters all gathered to improve their stories and careers. Thanks one and all!

As part of my talk, I also revealed my plans to fly to China next week — that’s right, Save the Cat! is going to The Great Wall, thanks to an invitation from the Beijing Film Academy. Seems Cat! has been discovered by filmmakers everywhere and I am so pleased. I will be missing Thanksgiving — again! — but happy to volunteer my time and grateful for the opportunity to spread the word about STC! I hope to be posting my blog from China next week and look forward to the many new friends I will be meeting.

I will be back in time for my talk to Chapman University film students December 4 at 7 pm, and for our final L.A. Beats workshop for the year to be held at the Writer’s Store the weekend of the 6th and 7th. It may be our last class in L.A. for a while, so for all you who are “supercharged” about the opportunities of 2009, let’s get you started right.

These and other events — including next January’s Screenwriter’s Summit here in North Hollywood — will kick off the best year ever. 2009 promises to include the launching of our online school, the publication of the third Save the Cat! book, our continuing outreach to high school and college students, and the news of, yes! a 14th spec screenplay sale for the Save the Cat! author himself.

Stay tuned; if you email me while I am away I will do my best to get back to you.  If not, I will catch up as soon as I come home on December 1. Thanks for your patience!