Writing STC! and teaching my method to others has been the best experience of my life.

Those words flow so easily — and with joy.

As I finish up the manuscript of the sequel to “The Last Book On Screenwriiting You’ll Ever Need” (ha!), I am so grateful for everything that has happened so far. I have the world’s greatest publisher, Michael Wiese, and the best business partner, Brett Jay Markel, and the greatest Marketing Director ever, Isabel Holtreman, who is, like me, mostly concerned with offering service with integrity — and with fun! (And btw, she’s a genius!) Some things that are happening, that I am biting my tongue wanting to reveal, are simply amazing.

But to me the key is the joy.

I wake up singing most days. I zip over to my computer to answer email from writers I’ve met (or haven’t yet) — and now get to assist. I write my 1000 words a day. I meet with other writers who are working on projects. I get out there and seek opportunities. But in fact the opportunities seek me.


Because I am doing the thing I was meant to do.

I look back on my whole career and realize that my greatest joy was always helping other writers and being, for lack of a better term, an enthusiast. And the sweet spot of that sweet spot was always talking about story. Even more than writing on my own or with a partner, learning about story has always been my passion. This may not be the career I set out to have, but it’s me. And with what we are doing with STC!, I feel personally like a lifetime of braking devices, governors of what it’s “supposed to look like” that have held me back, are gone, and I am finally free.

I bring this up not to cause you to roll your eyes and say, “How very nice for you Blake… Get the net for Mr. Snyder!” but to take note of the fact that when you are on the right track, things happen.

Are you bucking the system, swimming against the river, or swimming with it? Is this writing thing a joy? Do you get up every day singing, wondering what new tidbit you are going to learn about your story or your career? Are opportunities coming to you?

Take your temperature on this.

Sometimes we stand in our own way and are the ones blocking our best self from coming out due to fear or some pre-conceived notion of how it’s supposed to look. If so, let go. Take a break. Take a walk. Take a nap.

And when you wake up, start singing, damn it. It’s the joy that lets us know we’re on the right track.