Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent the puppeteer in Eric
Benedict Cumberbatch as puppeteer Vincent Anderson in Eric

There’s a reason Save the Cat! is called “the Language of Storytelling.” It’s because the terms Blake Snyder created in his Save the Cat! books and blogs have become a part of everyday culture.

The latest example is actor Benedict Cumberbatch speaking of his character, Vincent Anderson, in a Variety article about the new Netflix hit Eric: “He’s in a very fragile state still, and a very vulnerable state, which to me speaks to profound change,” Cumberbatch says of where Vincent ends up. “He’s gone through this dark night of the soul to reach a quantum of solace, if you will. I think it is a beginning. It is the beginning of hope.”

“Dark Night of the Soul” is the 12th of the Save the Cat! 15 story beats. It’s defined as “a reaction to the All Is Lost beat where the hero wallows in sadness, mourning what was lost and lamenting that they are now worse off than before the story began. This is an opportunity to take stock, where meaningful learning happens on the way to transformation.”

It’s never a Dark Night of the Soul when we see our terms quoted! It’s just another indication that the Language of Storytelling continues to resonate for storytellers everywhere.

Thank you, Benedict! And thank you to Eric‘s creator and writer, Abi Morgan, for putting Vincent through such a powerful transformational arc!

Read the Variety article by Hunter Ingram.