Bob DeRosaWe heard from screenwriter Bob DeRosa just before the strike, and are happy to share this email now that the strike is over:

Hi Blake! I just wanted to share some good news. I told you in class that I had written a script the summer before, an action film called Five Killers. I turned in the first draft to my long-time manager, who thought it was pretty good, but not great. He gave me Save the Cat!, I re-boarded the whole script, wrote a second draft, and he flipped out. Endeavor signed me immediately, and earlier this summer, while we were starting to package the film, Lionsgate made a preemptive strike and bought the script for more money than I’d ever made on anything. They’ve hired Mark Helfrich (Good Luck Chuck) to direct.

I think you actually know my manager, Christopher Pratt. He and his partner, Chad Marting, at Elements Entertainment only sign new writers who read Save the Cat! and agree to its principles. They’re also producers on Five Killers.

Just wanted to thank you for your book and all that you give to the writing community; I’ve been a working writer for over five years and I never want to stop learning. I’m anxiously awaiting your new book and wonder if Christopher will make all the new guys read BOTH your books before signing them. They should be so lucky!

Read the Variety announcement about Bob’s sale.