Parker Seaman holds a copy of Save the Cat! as he speaks to Devin Das in the film Wes Schlagenhauf Is Dying
We are proud to announce two talented screenwriters from the Save the Cat! community, Devin Das & Parker Seaman, had their film, Wes Schlangenhauf Is Dying, officially selected for the Tribeca Film Festival, where it premiered on June 9.

Wes Schlangenhauf Is Dying is a comedy that pits the paradigm of friendship and the false ideals of Hollywood success against each other, creating a heartfelt rollercoaster ride between three best friends and their incredibly complicated relationship.

The road trip/buddy movie includes references to the Save the Cat! beats throughout the film in a continuing conflict between the two filmmakers, one who’s a believer in the book and one who… has doubts.

Screen the film remotely via the Tribeca Film Festival site>>

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STC’s very own Jason Kolinsky was thrilled to attend the premiere and the after-party we sponsored at Bar Veloce!

Jason Kolinsky, Devin Das and Parker Seaman holding Save the Cat! books
Jason Kolinsky, Devin Das, and Parker Seaman at the Bar Veloce party celebrating Wes Schlagenhauf Is Dying.
the drink menu at the Wes Schlangenhauf Is Dying premier sponsored by Save the Cat
The drink menu at the Wes Schlangenhauf Is Dying premiere.