What a great time I had in Denver. It was SO much fun — I’m still here! I’ll be getting on a plane soon and heading back to L.A. but before I do, I just wanted to say “thank you” to the participants in the Save The Cat! seminar that met this weekend. What a great bunch of creative minds — all with different backgrounds and points of view about film. They will be forming a local Denver screenwriters group and I’m glad I could be part of inspiring that.

Gil Whiteley, film critic and star of KNUS 710 AM here in Denver, put this whole thing together and was a fantastic host to me these past few days. I will be coming back to Denver to finalize our plans for a national radio show and to talk to the Colorado Film School. I met its founder Frederic Lahey for lunch, thanks to Gil, and was so impressed with what I was told about what they’re doing there. They are making their own movies at CFS and meeting with great success in what is a booming film community here in Denver.

I also want to thank Dr. John, Molly and Blaine for their moral and technical support of Gil’s and my efforts to do some LIVE! radio here at the Radisson on Saturday — Stay tuned! It gets better!

And thank you Mile-High City!