Received this email from writer Michael Buchanan:

“Just a quick note to say thanks for writing your Save the Cat! books. They proved invaluable in my screenwriting efforts. My co-author and I were asked by the president of an Atlanta movie production company to write a family story that revolved around a true Southern legend. We came up with: How can three kids be helped by Civil War ghosts to find the lost gold of the Confederacy? The real gold has never been found and was with Jefferson Davis until the day he was captured in eastern Georgia. As novelists, we were able to come up with the tale and the essential riddle to be solved. But if it were not for your books and their “cut to the chase” style, we might still be floundering on Treasure of the Four Lions. At this point, we have two studios (Riverwood Productions, who did Fried Green Tomatoes, and Southern Sky Pictures) who have agreed to provide production facilities, distribution and post production, along with casting, etc. The deal is such that when investment monies for pre-production are in place, the movie is greenlit. To date, and with signed agreeements, three of the four million budgeted are set. I thought I would write to offer my thanks. I hope to meet you at a conference someday, thank you in person, and have you sign my copies of your books. You can read the synopsis on the movie website and about my co-author, Diane Lang, and I on the other.”

Check out these sites: www.fourlionsmovie.com www.micahschild.com