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I Am a Proud Father! 

Yes. It’s true. Cigars all around, boys! This Cat! has had kittens. Save the Cat! The Last Story Structure Software You’ll Ever Need is out and by God, she’s a beautiful bouncing baby!! After months of hard work on the part of programmer Bob McFarlane,…


Attention Phoenix and Tucson 

If you’re in the Phoenix area, I will be premiering a new one-day talk at the end of September that promises to be a lot of fun. I’m calling this seminar “EVERY STORY EVER TOLD – It’s All About Great Storytelling” — a modest claim,…

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Proper Job! in the UK 

Stop me! I’m saying “lovely” a lot. And “Smashing!” and “Brilliant!” and “Mind the gap!” Why? Because I am just back from spending 10 days in England spreading the word on the Cat! — and yes, I had a great time. I have all new…