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Success Stories

Mike and Diane 

Received this email from writer Michael Buchanan: “Just a quick note to say thanks for writing your Save the Cat! books. They proved invaluable in my screenwriting efforts. My co-author and I were asked by the president of an Atlanta movie production company to write…


More New Stuff! 

Take a look! We have lotsa new stuff on the site today. Up above are three new buttons to click — I love buttons! One is for our Tools page with several FREE! downloads and more to come! You can get our tried-and-true, one-page beat…


Save the Cat! 2.0 — We Heard You! 

I am so proud of everyone in our Cat! circle! The success stories we are racking up, the personal and professional milestones we are reaching every day, are all due to one thing — great Cat!itude! Case in point: our story structure software. Here’s a…

Tips and Tactics

Title Blur 

I heard an interesting anecdote this weekend. A couple wanted to go see the new “Western” they had heard so much about. So when they got up to the ticket window at the Octoplex and scanned the list of movies playing, they bought two tickets…