As promised, I would now like to get to some real thank you’s.

As we close out this year, I must say that I feel like the world’s luckiest human being. I have met so many friends in 2006, and have been helped by so many people. From coast to coast, and even across the Atlantic, my experiences meeting writers have been the best of my career, and I owe so much to you all. At the risk of sounding like an Oscar speech, and forgeting some, here goes:

Let’s start in Chicago, where on a cold winter day at the Red Lion Inn (brrrr) this mission began. My three Mary’s: Merry Carol, Mary Harris, and Mari…lyn were there. So were Barbara, and Dirk and Ed. I would also go on to meet with Sonny and J.D. (the guy who’s made sure I’ve had Pellegrino everywhere from L.A. to Maine) at the Chicago Screenwriter’s Group later. Gary whom I first saw at Screenwriter Expo — hail fellow well met! And the lady who made it all possible, Linda, who wrote me after reading an article I wrote and invited me to Chicago for a bookstore signing! To you and everyone in the land of my birth — Thank you all!

In New York, where would I be without Jackie and Amy and David!? Especially Amy, who said these famous words: “You have a blog, why don’t you use it!” But on my return trip this past month I met a whole bunch of new friends — see you in February!

And far away in London, my Cornwall Cats! meant so much to me, none more so than Suzy Greaves who is a blessing and a visionary and someone who, like me, believes in the power!

In Maine, David Lyman invited me to be part of Rockport College and I hope that great institution will be back for another summer. It is one of the great creative centers in filmmaking and photography, and deserves all the success its had over the years.

In Phoenix annd Tucson, Cynthia and Howard and Andre and all of the Phoenix Cats! have given me such a boost — and we had one of the most amazing weekend writing sessions ever, didn’t we?

And in L.A., where would I be without Stephanie!!! who allows us to use her space at Good in A Room — God love ya! Also Sarah Beach and Dorie Barton and Pat and Heather, and Heather, and Heather!

And lest we forget, online I have had some of the most hilarious, invigorating, and creative email exchanges with some of you who I haven’t met but I feel like I know — the Amigo Team! Ben, Brian and Bob B., the brilliant Jacquline L. and reviewers like CS’s Ari E. — not to mention writers I’ve worked with closely such as the fabulous Dahlia, the even more fabulous Andrew, the fabulous-fabulous Larry, the exceedingly fabulous Christine, and the fabulously inspiring Richie! Love and success to you all!

And closer to home, let me save the biggest thanks for the team: Michael Wiese and Ken Lee, my publishers who made this possible; writer extraordinaire and great help, Ben F.; our Marketing Director, the brilliant and inspiring Isabel Holtreman; and the man! B.J. Markel, my long-time friend, editor, advisor, guru, spiritual counselor, life bail bondsman, and all-round great guy. Without Mr. Markel I would be nowhere, mon freres!

It helps that every one of you is bright, funny, positive, hopeful, and caring. We did not do everything we set out to this past year; our radio show is slow to get off the ground, and the website is in need of beefing up. But we accomplished a lot! If I dropped the ball, or did not get back to you, or gave you news on your script or idea that did not help, I promise to do better. Overall, I have tried to get you the fastest response, the best answers, and the most thorough and helpful assistance I can offer. I intend to re-double my efforts and give even better service next year.

Stand back, ladies and gentlemen, we are about to be rocketed into the fourth dimension! It’s about to get so good, we won’t know what planet we’re on. Save the Cat! Productions will be having a few announcements shortly, the new travel schedule continues to be updated, podcasts are being readied and loaded, and the new book is almost complete — giving us a whole new language to talk about stories — especially our success stories to come!

2007… bring it.