London Live!

I am getting ready to come back to the States, but wanted to thank everyone who made our first UK seminar such a great success. Thanks to our sponsors Moviescope Magazine, The Central School of Speech and Drama,  the one-and-only Jonathan Hall, and Jaci Stephen for her great article about our class.

This weekend’s class showed how amazing it is when writers get together in small groups. We paired off and created four teams in class, going from the suggestion of a title to logline to beat sheet to pitch in 48 hours. The final four pitches by the brave souls selected by their group to tell their story were off the charts superb — and shows again how if you “hit the beats” a primal, meaningful, resonating story is sure to follow.

Also got a great suggestion for a new book that I have been noodling on ever since. And, as always, the experience I gleaned from being in the company of creative, generous, talented creators is nothing short of inspiring.

Thank you, one and all.