It’s been almost two years since we first launched our website and, as I have long been promising, the future is finally here!

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, I thank you for your patience. Whether you’re a longtime companion or a newcomer fresh to our site, if you’re a screenwriter (or a creative person in any venture) welcome home.

I have long hoped to make the source for everything having to do with telling and selling your story. I wanted this site to have lots of information, and lots of chances to interact with others who can help you move ahead.

And today marks a giant leap forward toward that goal!

The revamped website has a new look, but it also has new resources and will be adding more in the weeks ahead.

The first thing you’ll notice is a lot more pictures! Now everyone will be able to meet the writers in our community. And we’ll also be able to post the photos you’ve sent us like that favorite real cat curled up next to a copy of Save the Cat! And also see photos of you standing proudly with various different versions of your Board.

With our news section, we will hear from those who have sold scripts, been optioned, gotten agents, won contests, and been admitted into film schools using the Cat! method.

We also have a store! Now you can come right to us for books and software; soon you’ll be able to download the latter and get going on that script idea that’s been knocking around your imagination to-day. And we will be adding a lot more exclusive things to the store as we go, including our next project: recorded lectures on all subjects — from writing a better logline to structuring your story to extra insight into my 10 unique genres.

Plus our Cat! Forum links the Cat! community here in cyberspace. This is a biggie! All over the world we’ve been forming Cat! groups. Now we’ll be able to identify the writers in your town, with photos of each of the Cat! group leaders, and get reports on their successes, frustrations, and new information they have discovered in following the little paw path to success!

Mostly, look at how nice and neat this place is! And I don’t even mind the goofy photos of me (although I do wish it looked like I owned something other than that one blue shirt). Overall, I am really thrilled about what the next phase will bring in terms of adding to all of the “stories that resonate,” including the story of your success.

I would like to thank all the guys who worked their binaries to the bone to get the website up and operational including Steve Potter, Joe Popp, and Charlie Wilkins. And I’d like to thank my partners, BJ Markel, Rich Kaplan, and Chuck Hurewitz for their continued input and support.

We’ve got the best team!

And our Cat! readers deserve nothing less!