Will Vancouver be the same B.C. (Before Cat!) as it is A.C. (After Cat!)? We shall see. I am arriving in Vancouver tomorrow and I am very excited.

My trip up is being sponsored by the great folks at Biz Books who have been so supportive of all things Cat!-rific since the beginning. I will be giving a two-day seminar over the weekend and can’t wait to get there and meet everyone.

I also look forward to meeting with the production company representatives there who have expressed interest in having me come up and do my one-day workshops for development executives who want to streamline their story departments and use our software to organize their development process.

But mostly I love the fact that I get to meet a whole bunch of new writers. We are really doing great with the scribes we have been working with lately. We’ve got three or four scripts now that we are trying to get set up with production companies here in L.A. and meeting with great success. The fact that many execs here now use and recommend STC! to writers or use it to guide the development process, means our method is spreading, and soon everyone will know what “Fun And Games” or “All Is Lost” or “Pope in the Pool” mean.

In other Cat! news, look for an interview with me coming up on NPR, reported by the fabulous Elizabeth Blair — most likely on Morning Edition. We will be discussing the “Save the Cat” moment in The Queen, and the wide-ranging opinion the stag scene of that movie has prompted. Mostly, it was really fun! Thanks, Elizabeth!

Well, now, let’s see, have to pack. Supposed to be a bit chilly in Vancouver, so… coat, gloves, scarf, passport, and the manuscript for the new book so I can read it over on the plane. I am adding those all-important final touches as we speak.

Almost done!