Okay, fun’s fun. It’s been nice taking a little break from my trips all over da globe this past August. I actually slept in until 8 a.m. several days in a row this month (lazybones!) but now it’s back to bidniz.

And the REAL fun in my life.

I love this business. I love story telling! I love to work! I am a Thank God It’s Monday kinda guy. And the upcoming fall schedule is one I am really excited about.

The new book “drops” October 1. That’s Britney Spears-talk for “My new book, Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies: The Screenwriter’s Guide to Every Story Ever Told, will be available online and in book stores in 23 days.”

And we are already getting great reviews.

Like the first Save the Cat! it’s the insiders in the business who read it and get it and like it that makes me most relieved!

One of the early readers, a fellow screenwriter responsible for a slew of hit movies that I slipped the book to, used the “g” word to describe it.

Another development executive I gave early drafts to told me the book is so packed with information, it should cost twice as much. She is using the book (that she only has in galley form, ladies and gentlemen!) to steer a writer she is working with on his re-write.

But for me, it’s all about the photos! Ha! Like the first Save the Cat! I had a lot of fun picking out the screen grabs and writing the captions for the photos. I am still giggling about one such caption. It’s up to you to figure out which one is my fave.

In addition to doing many interviews in the next few weeks, here’s the rest of the calendar:

— September 15-16. I am doing one of the last weekend workshops for some time in Los Angeles; we’ve had a number of success stories coming from the L.A. weekends, one of which I will be announcing very shortly.

— October 6-7. I am flying up to Seattle to do the last workshop there for a while. I had such an amazing experience speaking to the Northwest Screenwriters Guild this spring (http://www.nwsg.org/events), I had to come back to work with the writers I met there. Very excited to squeeze this in.

— October 16 is the premiere book party at The Grove Barnes & Noble here in Los Angeles and it will be a star-studded affair. You are all invited; look for some special guests to be there, too.

— October 18. I will be at the Writers Store in Westwood where Dana, Mario, and Jesse will be co-hosting my homecoming. Is it true we are wheeling in klieg lights just like a real Hollywood movie opening, that’s what I’m lobbying for!

The fun continues in November. I am going to appear at Bill Sobel’s meeting group in New York City, then fly to London and the Raindance Festival on November 20.

— And on December 1, we will be having a one-day spectacular starring me and Stephanie Palmer author of the upcoming Good In A Room and the guru of the perfect pitch. In the first half of the day, I’ll talk about creating movie ideas, in the second half, Stephanie will talk about how to present those ideas. We are holding the event at a local theater here in L.A. and are expecting a bunch of special guests from the Hollywood pantheon.

Very, very excited about that!

So, hit the floor boards running, we’re up and at ’em! Let’s go! Let’s do it!

Let’s have a grrrrreeeeeeaaaat time!