Greg Field
Greg Field

Greg Field has run our L.A. Cats! writing group for over two years and is stepping down from that post.

Greg’s service is a hallmark of what we want 2009 to have more of: productive fun and fun productivity.

Like all members of Cat! writing groups worldwide, Greg started by coming into a Beats Weekend here in L.A. A standout writer with great ideas, he also had charm, a positive attitude and a generous spirit.

When asked to help organize a writer’s group to continue the effort started in class, Greg volunteered. Greg proceeded to whip the group into shape, often taking a back seat with his own scripts and pitches. And he did it hilariously! Being cc’d on Greg’s twice a month emails, I always had a laugh at the way Greg approached his volunteer position. Wit! Humor! Optimism!

Anyone reading his email would surely be eager to get to the next meeting.

Greg’s leadership, and the L.A. Cats themselves, became the model for other Cat! groups. Melody Lopez does a fantastic job in Austin, Lisa Shannon rounds them up and keeps them going in Portland, Oregon, and though we’ve had rotating leaders in Vancouver, Seattle, New York, and London, the spirit of cooperation is the same.

This year we are expanding the role of, and giving resources to, Cat! groups and Cat! group leaders as never before. We are going to be tying the groups together, doing a better job of sending agents and producers your way to hear pitches and meet writers. And we want more volunteers like Greg.  (Greg is currently vetting replacements — big shoes to fill!)

For further information about our international organization of Cat! writing groups, contact Jose Silerio ([email protected]), who will be in charge our online outreach.

And thanks again to Greg Field for a job done well — and with great humor!