We’ve heard recently from writer/director Henk Pretorius:

“Dear Blake, 

Thank you very much for your fantastic book, Save the Cat!

After drama school, two spec scripts, and a whole lot of self indulgence, I wrote and directed Bakgat! which became one of the biggest blockbuster successes in South African history.

My producer naturally wanted me to begin writing the sequel. But I had no idea what made the original so great. I read everything I could find on scriptwriting and it was only until I discovered your book that Bakgat 1’s magic was consciously revealed to me.

Your book is lying next to me all the way through the journey of writing Bakgat 2, and I can’t wait to exceed the audience’s expectations with the sequel.

Like a character should ‘save a cat,’ you saved me!”

Watch the Bakgat! trailer.