I will be speaking this Saturday at The Great American PitchFest up at Universal Studios here in Los Angeles. I will be in da house Saturday morning at 10:20 – Noon to talk about how to sell your script. I am really excited about being there with you to share a little of my experience, strength, and hope.

I have also had the good fortune of having sold many spec scripts (zeroing in on #14 this summer), and guess what? While the rules have remained the same over the 20 years of my doing this, the opportunities have never been better. There are SO MANY places to sell our scripts and get them made. And a bright, upbeat, positive-thinking writer like you has every chance to get your work sold and seen.

How do we corral our ideas that are exploding in our brains like flares in a diamond mine? How do we capture and organize and communicate those ideas from pitch to logline to treatment to Fade In to Fade Out?

Well there is a method, the Cat! method, unlike any other — and proven successful time and again — used by me and others to make great films!

There I said it! I’ve been holding back, I’m shy, but I just had to spit it out.

Want to sell your script? I can tell you how.

I’ve done this. I continue to do this. And the method that is used by Cats all over the world is getting results.

We have a big script sale to report very, very soon. We have a TV movie in the works. We have many, many writers who have sold their pitches and gotten agents or managers to rep them — and there are some reps who have handed Cat! to their clients and said “read this.”

And as I travel all over the world, and talk to writers about this work of ours, the word is spreading.

Results. We are getting them.

But the thing that makes me most pleased is that we are doing it with the same principles successful people have always used, that of discipline (a daily writing and marketing regimen), focus (what do you want? who are you targeting? how do you get to them?), and positive energy (even a bad day is a victory and each new day an opportunity to shine )!

I look forward to seeing many of you Saturday, and all of you some day soon!

Also, I will be reporting on some new information about my upcoming trip to Chicago, so, as always, stay tuned!

p.s. I don’t push any movie but I did see a preview of Evan Almighty and really loved it. Good message. Really fun. And director Tom Shadyac and writer Steve Oederkirk did a great job!