Let me start with a big thank you to everyone who has made this site so vibrant. I’ve seen the “hits” report for last month and our numbers are growing rapidly, but the quality of the input from you and the inspired wisdom you contribute to this site is its true outstanding feature.

Take Monday’s post for example…

I am really pleased with the response to my request for your pitches. Look at those beauties and tell me those aren’t spot-on perfect in their form and function. Concise. Evocative. Poppin’! That is one awesome bunch of creativity, and if you want to be inspired, or want to pitch your logline, please go to the blog titled “4 x 4 x 4” and add your brilliance to the list.

Also, I continue to get submissions for screenplays about “true stories of inspiring women” and again, my thanks.  Occasionally an opportunity comes up like this and it is my privilege to help. No, I am not commissioned nor do I receive a finder’s fee or any credit for passing along your scripts. It is my honor to help both you the writer, and those who request material from me. It is what we do! Though not every pitch qualifies, I have forwarded every logline to my producer pal who has taken two scripts to read so far. If you have a true story of an inspiring, notorious, or historically overlooked and amazing woman, please forward me the logline directly at [email protected] and I will make sure it gets into the right hands.

In other news, I am really pleased to announce the media and appearances I will be doing this month, all thanks to Carol Eisner, Cat! publicist extraordinaire, who can be reached at [email protected]:

— In addition to speaking, via phone, to Lisa Ford’s NYU screenwriting class on May 13, I will be interviewed on the MovieGeeks.com website radio show on May 21 at 7 p.m. and I am told the listeners will be included with their questions this time. Love MovieGeeks!

–I will also be doing an interview with Maria Sanchez on KVTA AM-1520 on the afternoon of May 14 about the upcoming summer movies. Love talking to Maria anytime… about anything! She is so great!

— But the big news is I was just interviewed by writer Robin Mizell for a special feature in the 2009 Writers Digest Screenwriters and Playwrights source book out this December. As part of that wonderful opportunity, I will be the luncheon speaker at the BookExpo America / Writers Digest Book Writer’s Conference on May 28 here in Los Angeles and signing books afterward. I am truly honored and really looking forward to that event.

—  Finally, we will be having a Beats Workshop next weekend here in L.A. (although it’s filling up fast) and one has been set for Seattle July 26-27.  If you’d like me to come to your city, or make an appearance via phone for your screenwriting class, please lobby the keeper of the schedule: Rich Kaplan at [email protected].

On a separate note, I would like to congratulate Tanya Tull on this, the 20th Anniversary of her organization, Beyond Shelter. This outstanding and tireless non-profit has helped thousands of homeless families move back into permanent housing in residential neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles county — and her “housing first” philosophy and its tactics have been accepted and put into action by communities and organizations across the U.S. Tonight I will so very pleased to attend the celebration of the service Tanya provides and be one of hundreds on hand to honor her achievement. Tanya is the wife of my friend and partner, B.J. Markel, and we have all been blessed to be able to use Tanya’s offices for our weekend workshops, but I am fortunate mostly that she is my friend. Please go to Tanya’s site at www.beyondshelter.org and let her know we are grateful for her service and generosity.  And congratulations to everyone at Beyond Shelter.

Well done!