As some of you may have heard, I will be coming to New York City August 15-16 to conduct the most spectacular and best Save the Cat! event yet!

I am very excited about this return visit, and thrilled to see the overwhelming response we have already received. It’s going to be a great time!

On another note, this weekend’s Beats Workshop is already building up steam with emails coming in from writers rarin’ to go. We sell out these classes so fast, and try to do as many as we can, and the buzz that this class is generating amazes me.

With each session, the work gets better and better.

I was recently in touch with a writer who had taken the class  a year ago, reporting the success of the script she developed. But when I mentioned a facet of the “All Is Lost” point, using the term “shard of glass” to illustrate, she did not know what that was.

It’s only because with every session, more is revealed, more tools are discovered and employed, our scalpels get that much sharper in the precise story surgery we are performing. I encouraged her to come back to class.

There is always something new!

And yes, I will be writing a blog discussing the “shard of glass” concept soon.

What hasn’t changed is my wild enthusiasm and love of writers and story. Not to gush — he said gushingly — but I love you guys. I love your stories. I love  your heart and commitment to finding your way and not giving up, and I love being there at the birth or renewal of your creative vision. This stuff plain ol’ excites me! And the understanding of why some story elements work, and others don’t is endlessly fascinating.

Every session, be it here in L.A. or in exciting new venues around the world, gets me!

On another note before I go: two things.

1. We have our first Russian review of Save the Cat! Welcome to all our Russian screenwriters friends. And yes, please, check out our Forum. We speak Cat! And now you do too, no matter what your native language.

2. Get ready for a brand new Save the Cat! Contest coming Monday. It will be our most fun, most talked about, and best yet! And I can’t wait to read all your entries.

I expect great things from you! And continue to be excited as ever seeing what’s next!

See you in NYC!