I am typing this blog while looking out at the countryside just outside of Barcelona, Spain. We have a group of screenwriters here who are about to embark on a weeklong seminar with me. And I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be here! Check out the link in Where Is Blake? See for yourself what a fabulous site this is for a workshop — though the photos do not do justice to how stunningly beautiful it is here, and what a creative environment it is!

Yesterday, my hosts, Simon and Marian, the founders of Actors Space, friends I met while giving a talk in Cornwall UK last year, gave me a fantastic tour of Barcelona. I also was interviewed by Sara Gibbings for an English-language film magazine here and had a wonderful time discussing the business and how it is the same all over the world. Finding financing, selling our creations, and getting attention for our work are a universal challenge. But we also know that the solution is the same, too: constant motion forward, good attitude, eye on the prize — that’s what leads to success everywhere.

We hope to make the workshop here an annual event, and I will check in with you as the week progresses. I know it will be a great time!

But the question is: Will I come back home? Ply me with tapas, let me run amok at the Gaudi museum, or walk along the country roads with the snow-capped Pyrannes in the distance — I don’t know. I might never leave!

Stay tuned.