I am back in Los Angeles today and happy to be home for a while. You know you’ve been traveling a lot when you can find the Starbucks and Internet connection in every major airport! They’re starting to recognize me at the Security Check-In. “Hi Blake, lost weight? Looking good!”

But what a great trip to London! And what a great last stretch we have in store for you here in the remaining weeks of 2007.

My Foyles Book Store signing at Charing Cross in Soho (don’t I sound hip?) saw 90 sign-ups to hear my talk, and I am told that both Save the Cat! and Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies are outselling every other screenwriting book at the store. This is really exciting to me; the word is spreading, and the success stories are piling up.

We also had a truly outstanding weekend workshop courtesy of the good folks at Raindance who organized the event. And we have started a London writing group that came out of that weekend who have dubbed themselves the London Primal Cats! And if you have taken a workshop, you will now be able to go to the special section of the forum on this site and talk to your Cat! bretheren across the pond.

There are just three weekend events here in Los Angeles left before the end of the year, a Master Class or two and one last Beats Weekend, and I intend to finish big. If you are in the area, and writing a spec in preparation for the absolutely fantastic year I anticipate 2008 will be for you, let’s work on it!

Meantime, has anyone seen the Save the Cat! moment in American Gangster, and the absolutely loud and clear Theme Stated moment in that film — leave it to Cat! fave Ridley Scott to add yet another pitch perfect tale to the canon. I also got a screener in the mail for 3:10 to Yuma and was reminded again of how just saying “it’s a Western” doesn’t begin to describe your story.

Story, story, story. This is our business! So let’s get on it and get ready for even more success!