Frank the Cat and his master "going to the movies"
Frank the Cat and his master "going to the movies"

We just received this email from David Dittlinger:

I’m impressed Blake, you really do read your emails. Just a couple of things: I was going to heap praise on you, and I had a picture of my cat reading your book. He doesn’t normally lay on me, but that particular night he crawled up in bed and started “reading.”

Anyway, the praise part: my wife, sister-in-law and brother-in-law are all proud WGA members, and most of my friends seem to be writers. One of the guys who worked on Ice Age recommended your book to my b-i-l. He recommended it to my wife and sister-in-law, they recommended it to me (because now that we live in LA, everyone has to write), and we have since recommended it and given a few for Christmas presents.

As a new writer I’ve really had a hard time understanding structure, but with Save the Cat! it all seems to make so much more sense. I thought all real writers had this figured out but my wife, s-i-l, and b-i-l all have your book and use it continually.

Thanks for the new insight,

David Dittlinger