imagesWow! It’s already April… the days fly by… and you know what happens in April! That’s right, the day that brings all scribes to their knees — Income Tax Day — it puts the “Ow!” in Meow!

To take the sting out of the approaching deadline, some cool Cats are providing you — our readers — with some great tools using today’s technology… for free!

Let’s take a look, shall we?


April 1st launched this year’s installation of Script Frenzy. Founded by the creator of National Novel Writing Month, Script Frenzy is an international writing event in which participants take on the challenge of writing 100 pages of scripted material in the month of April. As part of a donation-funded nonprofit, Script Frenzy charges no fee to participate; there are also no valuable prizes awarded or “best” scripts singled out. Every writer who completes the goal of 100 pages is victorious and awe-inspiring and will receive a handsome Script Frenzy Winner’s Certificate and web icon proclaiming this fact!

To qualify for this Cat-tastic event, you must register at the Script Frenzy website, complete a 100 page script by the April 30 deadline, and, of course, during your frenzy, have ridiculous amounts of fun.

Jennifer Arzt helms up this year’s Frenzy. She’s a long-time Cat! supporter, and we are delighted to share the love back!

Run — don’t walk — your fingers over to Script Frenzy and start writing those stories you’ve been beating out! Let us know how you are doing in the process! 100 pages by April 30! We double-Cat dare you!

Next, we skip on over to the first Hollywood VYPE Pitch Contest. Created by former ABC/Disney fellow and screenwriter Cindyn259144206323_2263 McCreery, this amazing contest allows screenwriters around the globe to present a five-minute pitch using the VYPE Broadcaster application on Facebook — for free!

Along with the no-cost status for the scribe,what distinguishes this Contest from several others is the quality of judges that are taking your pitches. Go to the website, and cruise through the names of some of the industry’s A-listers, top players, and decision makers.

To enter, simply join the Contest Facebook page, download the app, and record your pitch. ***NOTE*** There are two weeks left in this contest! You still have time… but before you enter,  have you reviewed your entry for Blake’s 3 Common Pitch Problems?! Rethink, rewrite, rehearse — and let your pitches ROAR!!!!

And last, but not least, cruise on over to Talentville. The brainchild of Final Draft, Inc. Co-creator, Ben Cahan, Talentville is a revolutionary online community that provides writers around the globe tools that help them to develop their voices, as they strive to fulfill their dreams of having their work produced and/or published.

Currently in Phase I, this ambitious project empowers writers, and encourages them to move forward in honing their own skills, while helping to develop the works of others. Residents of this online city are permitted to upload their own works for peer review, while providing feedback on the works of their Talentville neighbors. What differs Talentville from other peer review sites are the quality of feedback, and, in a later phase, true access for top-rated writers. Resident reviews are held to Talentville’s high standards, and, as the community enlarges,  industry professionals — agents, managers, executives — are provided access to Talentville’s top rated works, without having to negotiate through a maze of gatekeepers!

For a limited time, Talentville is offering all new subscribers VIP access — absolutely free!

That wraps up our Cat!-tastic free offerings. And, you can see by the date, this is no April Fools!!! Each and everyone of you… write, pitch, refine, and review! Consider this your April challenge! Meow!