If you’re in the Phoenix area, I will be premiering a new one-day talk at the end of September that promises to be a lot of fun. I’m calling this seminar “EVERY STORY EVER TOLD – It’s All About Great Storytelling” — a modest claim, but one I am really excited to present. It’s a preview of some of the amazing story patterns I’ve been discovering while writing my upcoming sequel called Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies, out in 2007.

It’s for screenwriters, novelists, and movie fans and we’ve made it affordable to everyone, so I hope to see you there! For details, contact me or Barbara Lyon at [email protected] or call her (she loves to talk with you guys) toll free at 866.874.8437.

I will also be in Tucson next weekend for the first of several workshops and one-on-ones with writers I met a few weeks ago. These structure weekends have proven to be invaluable for screenwriters who want to come up with winning loglines and well-constructed screenplays — and don’t we all want that! If you’re interested, there are still a few spots left, so please let us know. Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody!

P.S. I also begin a series of workshops with Disney Animation this coming Wednesday. I am very pleased to be asked to give these talks and really excited about being back on the Disney lot! There’s so much happening, stay tooned!