Author Jessica Brody and Master Cat! Ben Frahm team up!
Author Jessica Brody and Master Cat! Ben Frahm team up!

Learn how the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet can be applied successfully to fiction. The legion of novel writers who use the Beat Sheet includes Alyson Noël, Nina Bruhns, Kristan Higgins, Marilyn Brandt, Kieran Kramer… and Jessica Brody, who has sold 8 novels (4 optioned for film) using the Save the Cat!® system of story structure principles.

Jessica and Master Cat! Ben Frahm will lead this intensive workshop. Walk in on Saturday morning with an idea for a novel, and leave on Sunday evening with the 15 key beats that will serve as its foundation. Because the class is limited to 10 writers, you will experience personalized interactive training each step of the way.

Over the course of a weekend, you will:

– Learn the difference between a pitch and a logline, and why you must nail each one before approaching agents or publishers with your novel.
– Lock down your logline to give your story a straight spine.
– Learn the 15 key beats found in any story to make yours resonate with what is “primal.”
– Crack the “Magical Midpoint” — the secret of every story’s power.
– Find out why the Opening Image and the Final Image are your way to “doublecheck the math” of a hero’s transformation.
– Practice your pitch and improve your technique in front of a friendly group of fellow writers eager to help you succeed.
– Network with other writers and get the opportunity to continue working at free Cat! writing groups, as well as be considered for the invitation-only Master Board Class.

The Workshop Schedule

Day One

– Find your story according to Blake’s four elements of every successful logline.
– Crack your story and your hero’s transformation with the Opening Image, Midpoint, and Final Image.

Day Two

– “Beat out” the remaining beats of your story using the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet.
– Pitch your story to the class using the 15 key beats every successful novel must have.

Check the calendar for the latest Beat Sheet Workshop schedule.

Next Available Novel-Writing Beat Sheet Workshops:

9:00 am – 6:00 pm (with 1-hour lunchbreak)


Enroll now and receive a $20 discount on Blake’s Story Structure Software.

Please contact Rich Kaplan at [email protected].

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