Gary Shusett, brother of Ron who wrote the story for Alien, runs Sherwood Oaks Experimental College, one of the best series of screenwriting seminars available in the U.S.

This Friday, January 13, I will be appearing on a screenwriting panel Gary has organized at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills from 9 a.m. – Noon.

Like me, Gary is a big believer in giving the screenwriter the truth about his or her chances to sell their script. And in a very interesting pre-seminar chat we had when he invited me to speak, Gary said that he has found the one common trait among all the successful screenwriters he’s interviewed over the years is a surprising one: humility.

The really big screenwriters, Gary tells me, are the ones who talk less and listen more. They are the ones who quietly observe human behavior, think first and speak second, and are most open to hearing criticism, taking notes, and being cooperative in this very cooperative undertaking we are all involved in.

Gary has interviewed THE top names in the industry for his seminars, writers as well as actors, directors and producers. And I am really excited about being asked to participate.

I will be appearing on a panel to discuss screenwriting and other related topics and then we will break into smaller groups and conduct individual workshops. So if you’re in the area, stop by!

For further information, please contact:

Gary Shusett ([email protected])
Sherwood Oaks Experimental College
7095 Hollywood Boulevard #876


Four Seasons Hotel
300 South Doheny Drive
Beverly Hills
(310) 273-2222.