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Raging Bull

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Maybe it's just me, but I always considered Raging Bull  to be a sports drama film. It still holds similarities to a superhero genre detailed in this description. For me, it holds more of a personal drama for the protagonist in the story that is not as usual as the rest of the films indicated in the description. I'm excited to discuss genres in this forum! 

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You have a great point. It feels like a "sports drama" in the traditional sense, but in the Save the Cat! genres, it would best be a Superhero film. This might seem contradictory, but it's not; that's the great thing about the 10 Story Genres; they can encompass so many different stories. For Raging Bull, it would be a Superhero film because it contains the three key elements of that genre: a special ability (Jake's fighting ability spurred on by his violent temper), a nemesis (opponents), and a curse... usually, the curse is something the hero has to bear and deal with due to the special ability. In this case, Jake's curse would be the same violent temper that fuels his fighting ability. It separates him from his family and friends, and threatens to unravel his life. Still, though this makes him a superhero in a sense, it's not like the comic book superheroes. As a result, it feels like a drama because it uses the key elements to that end. In fact, most Marvel films are not Superhero films at all... they cover the wide variety of genres, from Rites of Passage to Golden Fleece and others. Conversely, movies we would't expect to be Superhero films will fall into that genre.


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