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Writing a series

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I just realised that I’ve been trying to cram two books into one. Sooo much easier to work with them split apart. And then I discovered Save the Cat Writes a Novel. Now it’s even easier. The first book, by chance, but also fittingly is A Rite of Passage story.  The second is still being wrangled out of the mess.  I’m curious if anyone else has written a series and if there is any advice on what genres “fit” together.

For example, Monster in the House novels seem to be standalone.  Conversely, a fantasy series might be multiple super hero plots.  Even though my character will have more growing to do, I don’t think she can go back through Rite of Passage.  But then again maybe I am being too literal.


Thanks for your thoughts.

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I think that it depends on what story you're trying to tell. For example, if you look at the first Hunger Games book, it's a Dude(tte) with a Problem story, but the second and third books are Superhero stories at their core, as Katniss takes on a different role and has a different lesson to learn. So, I think it's important to take a step back and ask what lesson the hero is learning, and kind of decide from there. The genres can vary, of course. The Marvel films have done this wonderfully... they run the gamut in the 10 Story Genres, which is why each movie can feel similar, yet wholly different.

You mentioned Monster In The House novels as being standalone... this could be true, but there can be different kinds of "monsters" such as Pure Monsters, Domestic Monsters, Serial Monsters, Supra-Natural Monsters, and the Nihilist Monster. Blake defined these in the book Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies, and gave a clear picture how one genre can encompass different story types. Good luck with your series!


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