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HS/College Competition movies

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Would movies like Bring It On, Stomp The Yard, Drumline, Pitch Perfect, She's the Man, etc, be considered Rites of Passage?

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I think that some of these actually fit in to the Golden Fleece genre. For example, in several of them, the goal is to win a competition of sorts... this is mainly a Sports Fleece story. There is a road, which is the path to the championship, the team (literally in these cases), and a prize: usually it's the championship, trophy, etc., but it often goes deeper, as the characters realize that there is something more important they are learning and achieving.

I think She's the Man is a Fool Triumphant, as the "fool" is the main character, a girl who pretends to be a boy to play soccer, a "transmutation" as she takes on a new identity, and a "society" that she is able to affect by playing on a boys' team.

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