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About the Beats

Why 1 and 3 Beat 2 and 4 

I’m available. That’s all I’m saying. If anyone wants my input on a movie before going into production, don’t be shy… just ask. I mention this in relation to the latest installment of Indiana Jones. The dust has settled. The filmmakers are safely in profit…

About the Beats, Tips and Tactics

4 x 4 x 4 

The past Sunday’s L.A. Times had a special section devoted to all the movies that are coming to theaters in the next three months, and a list of sure-fire loglines that go with them! It’s a great preview of what we can expect and a…

About the Beats

The Story Spine 

I am deep into writing my third Cat! book, titled Save the Cat! Strikes Back. This is the “troubleshooting” Cat! — the one with the most information for fixing any aspect of your script… or career! Writing Cat! 3 also gives me a chance to…

About the Beats, Tips and Tactics

One Story 

I had the opportunity to speak to an amazing group of creative professionals on Friday. They come from a tradition of real greatness. And this tradition continues with the same verve, excitement, and frontier spirit in the films these artists are making now. I was…